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10 Cute Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns


My wife loves to hand-knit blankets for baby gifts.

They are special and unique (just like babies!), but they can be very simple knitting projects and you don’t have to worry about whether or not they fit. In fact, if I don’t have the exact yarn or needles for the pattern, I usually just use what I have and I’m good to go. Here are some of my favorite simple knitting patterns.

Here are ten easy knitting patterns you can make for the new little things in your life. I chose these because the patterns aren’t complicated-they’re all repeats, so once you get started, you can knit without having to refer back to your pattern often. There aren’t any cables (although if you want to try cables, I encourage you to do so – they’re not as scary as you might think!) . There is only one involving color work, and it’s a large block of color, so it’s perfect for your first attempt at changing colors while knitting.

  • 1. Whitstable Bay Blanket Colour Pack from The Knitting Network – Each of the knitted stitches that makes up this pretty blanket creates a touchable texture, along with the ten coastal shades, the blanket makes for an engaging and interesting project that can be picked up and worked on in between busy days.
  • 5. Rustic Farmhouse Blanket Colour Pack from The Knitting Network – Using Stylecraft Special DK yarn, it has been lovingly designed exclusively for The Knitting Network by Nicola Valiji. This knitted patchwork blanket is inspired by the colours and décor found in a rustic farmhouse and includes six patchwork square designs – Eggs, Corn Heads, Acorns, Bows, Leaves and even a Thatched Roof. It’s exciting to see the muted tones of the shades develop as you begin to knit up this gorgeous blanket.
  • 6. Snowflake Blanket Pattern from Peace but Not Quiet – a double-knit blanket that’s great for chillier climates where babies need to be nice and snug!

  • 7. Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot – I love the trendy colors they chose – lime and hot pink and gray…but you could go with some more traditional ones. I think a blanket in varying shades of one color would look really classy.

  • 8. Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern from How Stuff Works – I’m already hooked on the color. I know you can change that, but…just look at that yellow! You can’t call it the Sunny Baby Blanket Pattern and have it be, like, ice blue or something…

  • 9. Quick & Easy Baby Blanket Pattern by Knit-O-Matic – a plain garter stitch, but knit on the bias (don’t be scared…you can absolutely do that!) so it looks a little more unique. It’s also knit with chunky yarn on big needles, so you’re done faster!

If you can knit, I guarantee you can do these! Have fun!

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