Meta-universe winds up, VR, AR resurrection, new changes or old bubbles?

Once the wind of the meta-universe blew, VR/AR came alive again. 2014, Meta (then still called Facebook) acquired Oculus, a VR startup company established just 2 years ago, at a price of $3 billion, triggering a market boom; around 2018,... Read more

The artistic beauty of these fauvist buildings, you must go to hit the card!

Futuristic skyscrapers, opulent palaces, maverick pavilions …… walking around the city, the streets of those unique buildings always make people bright. In the family of architecture, the “Fauvist” architecture is unique, the rugged appearance of steel and concrete piled up... Read more

Musk’s other identity: urban transformer

In Elon Musk’s business empire, electric car maker Tesla and SpaceX are undoubtedly the two “pillars”. Their rapid development and expansion has not only pushed Musk to the position of the world’s richest man, but also changed a city. Center... Read more

Cryptocurrency System Downpipe Leaks: Stable Coins Turn Unstable

It’s been a bad year for financial markets, especially for cryptocurrency assets. The cryptocurrency market cap has fallen from nearly $3 trillion last November to just $1.3 trillion. on May 18, bitcoin was trading at about $29,000, just 40% of... Read more