Airbnb Suspends “China Tour”

Airbnb’s announcement that it will suspend support for domestic tour listings, experiences and related bookings in mainland China has written a new footnote to the difficult survival status of the B&B and travel industry under the new crown epidemic. As... Read more

Two steps to create a richly layered corporate showroom on a limited budget

Designing a corporate exhibition hall is like laying out a delicate game of chess, and every step is the key to success or failure. To create an excellent exhibition hall, a variety of factors need to be considered and combined... Read more

The 20th anniversary of the Avery Carr Museum: online public exhibition of the collection, free “cloud visit”

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, founded by the late famed children’s picture book author Eric Carle and his wife, and the first full-service museum in the United States with collections covering... Read more

A night in a museum: Norwegian architecture exhibition explores the future of co-habitation

What is it like to live in a museum for a night? A new exhibition at the Bergenkord Museum of Art in Norway invites visitors to experience co-habitation by walking through a large installation and even “staying overnight. The exhibition... Read more

Asia’s largest film and television base, covering an area of more than thirty square kilometers, representing four dynasties

There are some places within China that are also worth visiting, especially if you go out with your children, then Hengdian Film and Television City is certainly a good place to visit, because here you can still learn a lot... Read more

The artistic beauty of these fauvist buildings, you must go to hit the card!

Futuristic skyscrapers, opulent palaces, maverick pavilions …… walking around the city, the streets of those unique buildings always make people bright. In the family of architecture, the “Fauvist” architecture is unique, the rugged appearance of steel and concrete piled up... Read more