When staying in a hotel, 5 kinds of supplies best not to touch!

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A night in a museum: Norwegian architecture exhibition explores the future of co-habitation

What is it like to live in a museum for a night? A new exhibition at the Bergenkord Museum of Art in Norway invites visitors to experience co-habitation by walking through a large installation and even “staying overnight. The exhibition... Read more

Asia’s largest film and television base, covering an area of more than thirty square kilometers, representing four dynasties

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Bitcoin “tumbles”, “decentralized financial system” has a crisis of confidence

Confidence in “Decentralized Financial System” Emerges Bitcoin was once touted by some as a “safe-haven asset” and “inflation hedge” comparable to gold, but the performance of the bitcoin market since the Russia-Ukraine conflict has made these shibboleths no longer hangable.... Read more

How to buy a suitable camera? Must not ignore these points

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Dyson announced that it will develop a “housekeeping robot”

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What is NFT and what is its value?

According to DappRadar’s 2021 NFT Industry Report, NFT transactions exceeded $23 billion in 2021. And with NFT generating $12 billion in transactions in the first quarter of 2022 alone, NFT sales and transactions are as high as they’ve ever been,... Read more

Everything you need to know to become a hot pot expert

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The best non-Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes you can buy

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How to make creamy hummus with crispy five-spice lamb

Chef Reem Assil’s New Cookbook Paints a Beautiful Portrait of the Arab Diaspora Reem Assil wasn’t always an award-winning chef. In fact, she hardly knew it was something she could pursue professionally. Despite growing up surrounded by classic Arab dishes... Read more