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Your Hair. Your Way. CHI Haircare is produced by Farouk Systems, Inc., a Houston-based company known for offering real results for an array of hair types. Founded in 1986 by hairdresser Dr. Farouk Shami, he invented the world’s first Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, creating one of the beauty industry’s most iconic brands – CHI. The company prides itself in using advanced American technology and naturally-based ingredients for products that are as effective as they are safe. CHI currently produces hot tools, haircare, hair color, aromatherapy, combs, brushes and even hand sanitizer and sanitizing wands. Through several licensing agreements, the CHI brand also includes products for pets and clothing irons.

Always innovating, the brand’s latest offerings include styling tools using lava rocks for healthier heat and patented Rapid Clean Technology® for a cleaner, germ free blow dry experience.


Improve and strengthen locks with CHI hair Products that penetrate hair follicles. Refresh and revitalize hair using shampoo, finishing spray, and more. Create volume and shine using hair spray that helps finish off a nice hair style. Enjoy the evening feeling confident with a hair style that consists of stylish Curls or an updo thanks to a fabulous hair-line.

After a long day at work, go home, take a shower, and revitalize your tresses using nice smelling shampoo. After the shower embrace hair that’s healthy and strong. Shampoo hair products consist of vital nutrients that moisten and remove impurities in your hair. Don’t forget to apply conditioner in your hair to work out any knots and prevent split ends from forming. Go to bed feeling refreshed with soft feeling hair that’s easy to style the following day. Wake up and quickly style hair that already looks lovely.

Find extra hair care selections such as shampoo and conditioner that’s made for your specific hair type. Discover a shampoo that’s designed to revitalize and reconstruct damaged hair follicles. Allow your hair to soak in a proper treatment that helps repair the damage before it begins. Make hair shiny or rebuild natural shine with a line that’s designed to save and keep up beautiful locks.

Embrace locks that look great thanks to proper hair care. Encourage the man in your life to use CHI Hair Products, too. After he begins using them he’ll notice a positive difference in his hair care regimen. His hair feels softer and styling takes less time in the morning. Styling gel works great in men’s hair and can be used to style his hair every day before he goes to work. Then, throughout the work day the gel consistently holds together the smooth hair look.

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