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Clare Florist: Enjoy 10% off Summer Flowers


From humble beginnings as a small fruit and flowershop in 1978 right up to present day status as one of the UK’s most acclaimed and respected online florist, Clare Florist always placed customer satisfaction directly at the forefront of approach to selling flowers.

Sending flowers should be a pleasure

Whether you’re looking for a personalised way to express your love for a loved one away from you or to make a first impression and make that special someone smile for years to come, Clare Florist has just the right bouquet to convey your message.

As a family-owned business, Clare Florist believes that giving flowers should be a joy. That’s why Clare Florist uses only the finest graded flowers under strict quality control, along with the most reliable next-day delivery, to create the most enjoyable and smooth experience for you. At Clare Florist, every order counts. No matter the size of the order, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which means we are always committed to ensuring our flowers arrive on time, every time.
Clare Florist believes that high-quality products and services should just be the norm.

What Makes Clare Florist Different?

However, what ultimately sets Clare Florist apart is the experience and expertise that Clare Florist’s talented floral design team has accumulated over the past 32 years in the business.

These are thanks to the colorful inspirations that round out each of Clare Florist’s bouquets, taking the floral display to a whole new dimension and giving us an edge over the competition.

The colours used by Clare Florist and the artistic arrangement of the various flowers means there are fascinating options to choose from for every occasion. That’s why Clare Florist’s clients keep coming back. If you’re still not convinced, check out what Clare Florist’s customers have to say about their past experiences with Clare Florist.

So now, pick your most irresistible bouquet and leave the rest to Clare Florist – you can sit back and enjoy your day with someone (or yourself) today!


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