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Superdry: A Great British Success Story


Starting life on a humble market stall with just five T-shirts making up its first collection, over the course of just 30 years Superdry has rapidly grown to take its place alongside such British establishments as Burberry and Marks & Spencer on the FTSE 250. With an international celebrity following and recently presenting its latest collection at London Collections Men’s, Superdry’s inexorable rise marks the brand out as one of British fashion’s greatest success stories in recent times.

While it may have the feel of a cool Japanese import, Superdry was born when Julian Dunkerton’s passion to create an exciting new fashion brand in the 1990s led him to book out that market stall in Cheltenham. The brand gathered steam when former Bench owner James Holder joined the brand after exploring inspirations for his new ventures during travels in Japan. Together, Holder and Dunkerton conceptualised a brand that fused vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with a British attention to quality and detail that we know and love today as Superdry.

With its focus on craftsmanship and contemporary styling, it is easy to see the enduring appeal of Superdry’s clothing. The brand’s focus on quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, original detailing, hand-drawn graphics and contemporary tailored fits is evident in each piece the brand now creates. Superdry has also marked itself out as a specialist in the art of the casual. Washed out but not overly vintage, sporty but not overly technical, Superdry is undeniably one of contemporary fashion’s most democratic labels.


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