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Visit the Spectacular Grand Canyon West for an Unforgettable Adventure


Experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon’s West Rim from thrilling vantage points with Grand Canyon West. This premier attraction offers stunning views and epic activities.

See the Grand Canyon’s Glorious West Rim Up Close

As an avid traveler, few places compare to the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. But its massive 18 miles width makes seeing it up close challenging. That’s why I highly recommend visiting the West Rim with Grand Canyon West!

This premier attraction owned by the Hualapai Tribe gets visitors out onto the awe-inspiring canyon, rather than just peering from the edge. Their unique perspectives like the Skywalk and zipline allow you to experience the sheer vastness and beauty in an unforgettable way.

From the moment I stepped out onto the glass bridge suspended 4,000 ft above the canyon floor, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of wonder. Grand Canyon West is a bucket list experience!

Marvel at Views from the Iconic Skywalk

Hey, Sin City—top this: Grand Canyon West's Sykwalk - Los Angeles Times

The highlight attraction at Grand Canyon West is without a doubt the remarkable Skywalk – a glass bridge suspended 70 feet out from the sheer canyon cliffs.

Walking the bridge’s transparent glass path jutting into one of the Seven Natural Wonders provides an exhilarating new angle. Gazing straight down through the glass at the Colorado River winding below is a vertigo-inducing thrill!

Photos on the Skywalk perfectly capture the canyon’s immensity. I’ll never forget the breathtaking feeling of standing in open air wrapped by 360-degree views. Definitely a top travel moment.

Fly Over Dramatic Landscapes on a Helicopter Tour

Looking for the most epic Grand Canyon viewing experience? Opt for a helicopter tour with Grand Canyon West!

These exhilarating flights soar over the West Rim for aerial views that reveal the canyon’s vast scale and details no ground tour can match. With front-facing seats for unobstructed visibility, we gazed in awe down at sheer cliffs and the silvery Colorado River below.

Seeing the contrasting layers of rock strata and tiny rafters from above gave me a whole new appreciation for the Grand Canyon’s immensity and geology. The bucket list views were absolutely worth the splurge!

Zip Through Scenic Overlooks on a Canyon Zipline

Grand Canyon Zipline: Ride The Sky Ziplining Grand Canyon

For an equally heart-pounding perspective, I also loved seeing the Grand Canyon while zipping on the Eagle Point Canyon Zipline!

These thrilling zipline rides whisk you from the canyon rim out to a scenic panorama point dangling like you’re flying over the craggy canyon cliffs. Feeling the wind whiz by as I zipped over the epic landscape was an exhilarating rush!

The zipline ride is a great option for adventure travelers and families to experience breathtaking canyon outlooks from unique aerial angles. Definitely a memorable way to marvel at the views.

Encounter the History and Culture of the Hualapai Tribe

Beyond the incredible vistas, I appreciated learning about Grand Canyon West’s roots in the traditions of the native Hualapai Tribe at the gift shop and cultural village.

Guano Point’s spectacular panoramas can only be accessed through the Hualapai Reservation, providing jobs and funds to the community. Visiting the West Rim provides a well-rounded experience of the Grand Canyon’s natural wonder, history and heritage.

Book Your West Rim Adventure

Visiting Grand Canyon West’s one-of-a-kind viewpoints brought my bucket list dream to life. From the sheer thrills of the Skywalk to epic aerial sightseeing by helicopter, the access and activities offered by Grand Canyon West take experiencing this natural wonder to the next level.

I can’t recommend it enough for travelers seeking unforgettable Grand Canyon memories. Visit Grand Canyon West to check off your bucket list!

Book your visit to marvel at epic views on the West Rim with Grand Canyon West today.

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