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Travel Sustainably with Avis Rent A Car’s Eco-Friendly Fleet



Make every road trip green by renting an eco-friendly vehicle from Avis. Their hybrids, electrics and fuel-efficient models simplify sustainable travel.

Rent Green with Fuel-Efficient and Electric Vehicles

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As an avid traveler, I seek out sustainable options to reduce my environmental impact on the road. That’s why I rely on Avis Rent A Car for their impressive eco-friendly fleet. Avis makes renting a fuel-efficient or electric vehicle easy and hassle-free.

I appreciate Avis offering the latest hybrid, plug-in, and full electric models from top brands to choose from. Driving the zippy Tesla Model 3 on my last trip was a blast while staying green. Avis also highlights fuel-efficient choices like the Toyota Prius when booking.

With eco-minded options at major airport locations, I can conveniently pick up a sustainable Avis rental on most trips. Choosing Avis lets me explore without guilt over my carbon footprint.

Offset Emissions Through Avis’s Carbon Neutral Program

I love that Avis gives renters an easy way to offset their vehicle emissions through their Carbon Neutral program.

After booking, I can opt to pay a small fee that funds certified carbon offset projects. Avis partners with experts to invest in renewable energy, forest conservation and more to fully counter my rental’s emissions.

Opting into carbon offsetting allows me to completely minimize the environmental impact of my trip. Avis sends a neutrality certificate detailing their projects funded on my behalf. Choosing green is turn-key simple.

Quick Digital Check-In Via Mobile App

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As an Avis Preferred member, I breeze through airport pickup thanks to their handy mobile app.

Downloading the Avis app allows looking up my existing reservation and checking in digitally in just minutes using my phone. I can bypass the counter, verify my details in advance, and head straight to the lot.

Membership also provides perks like exclusive offers, free upgrades, and rewards points to redeem on future rentals. For frequent renters, it really maximizes value.

One-Way Travel Between Cities Made Easy

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Road tripping between destinations? Avis makes renting vehicles one-way simple.

Avis’s partnerships across the globe allow me to pickup in one area and drop off effortlessly at any other branch. No restrictive extra fees or mileage limits – I can explore multiple cities on my own schedule.

Knowing Avis has locations worldwide provides flexibility when trip plans change on long itineraries. Mapping routes is stress-free with a robust network of pickup and dropoff points.

Eco-Friendly Rental Options For Every Occasion

Whether I’m traveling solo or with a group, Avis has an earth-friendly rental perfect for the trip.

For business travel, Avis’s hybrid sedans offer roomy interiors and trunks with fantastic fuel efficiency. For family vacations, spacious electric SUVs easily fit luggage and passengers with minimal emissions.

I appreciate how Avis makes renting sustainably accessible for any occasion. Driving green has never been more convenient.

Lead the Charge on Sustainable Travel

Every Avis rental brings me one step closer to guilt-free exploring thanks to eco-friendly fleet options. From electric models and hybrids to carbon offset programs, Avis provides end-to-end sustainability. I highly recommend Avis to keep road trips green.

Book a clean vehicle for your next adventure with Avis Rent A Car.

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