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Two steps to create a richly layered corporate showroom on a limited budget


Designing a corporate exhibition hall is like laying out a delicate game of chess, and every step is the key to success or failure. To create an excellent exhibition hall, a variety of factors need to be considered and combined with the corporate image, and the use of reasonable functional layout and visual effects. But in the actual project, designers are often constrained by many conditions, the original many cool ideas can not be achieved, and ultimately can only use the graphic print screen to do background plus the exhibition board, the landing effect is greatly reduced. So, in the case of a very low budget, how to go about diversifying the conception of the display content display state, make creative highlights, and create a richly layered corporate exhibition hall, Grand Canyon Technology will take the following 2 approaches.

1. Superimposed exhibition wall, increase the sense of space hierarchy

Through space design, increase the sense of space three-dimensionality, hierarchy, break through the flat exhibition hall. For example, the wall originally had only 1-2 levels of modeling, you can extend the modeling to the ground or ceiling, and use graphics and objects to increase the static graphic display board to 4-6 levels, forming a staggered and orderly space to achieve the effect of rich vision.

2. the cost is limited, add physical interactive devices

As we all know, multimedia interactive, digital and other interactive exhibits cost more, in the case of limited budget, some affordable physical interactive devices is a good choice. For example, pull-out cabinets, rotating panels and so on, such interactive devices can also be very good to enhance the visitor’s experience, to stimulate the interest of visitors to see the exhibition.

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