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Founded in 1989, G-Star Raw commonly known as G-Star specialises in denim clothing. The label was a collaborative venture by Jos Van Tilburg and the Secon Group firm which was famous in the Dutch Fashion world, a denim range called Gap Star was created which later change to G-Star. In 1992, the international famous designer Pierre Morisser joined G-Staras the chief designer. By 1996, this Dutch brand based out of Amsterdam had risen from obscurity as Jos Van Tilburg introduced raw denim jeans, which were untreated and directly from the factory.

Since the creation of the brand G-Star’s philosophy remains ‘JUST THE PRODUCT’.

This prominent fashion brand took its inspiration from vintage military apparel from around the world. Influenced by the military style clothing G-Star included special pockets constructions and the use of trims. By constantly challenging convention and pushing the boundaries of denim design G-Star remains an iconic brand. Embracing change and always keeping in mind it’s authenticity and non-conformism spirit the brand launched a shoe range in 2007. In the recent years, G-Star maintained its image by contributing to the development of denim under its label combining technology, timelessness and traditional.

In 2011 G-Star was the first denim brand to be part of the New York Fashion week. Additionally, the renowned brand has a diverse range of stores in the world including in major fashion metropolis such as New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, London and an online shop. Unlike other denim brands G-Star offers a wide variety of style and washes. Additionally, launches new styles every season maintaining the basic cowboy style.

The iconic style that symbolises the denim from G-Star remains ‘Elwood’. The classic denim design is a reminder of biker’s trousers. Since created the Elwood style has been diversified in dozens derived styles, in many cuts and fits possible, but always remaining in the same structural spirit. 20 years after the original release the sculpted 3D denim still manages to amaze through their form, fit and functionality. Elwood innovative design serves as a pillar of G-Star brand’s DNA.

G-Star is no stranger to collaboration, the latest addition to the brand is Pharrell Williams who became a co-owner of this denim label. The global pop star became involved with the brand through the “The Ocean Project” in 2014, offering a new green element for the business to expand into. Using technology to recycle plastic waste from the sea to re-create G-Star’s iconic denim products, producing an innovative and technically advanced design.

Another collaboration in 2016 was with Marc Newson. One of the world’s best-known industrial designers, who works across a wide range of disciplines creating everything from furniture to aircrafts. He designed the Spring/Summer’ 16 bringing back the Baseball Jacket in a reversible version, and introduced a mini-range of the 5-pocket jeans in 14.6 oz. The industrial designer’s approach to garment-making brings new water denim, alongside seasonal shades, new shapes and fabrics. Celebrating G-Star’s 20 years Marc Newson designed the latest Elwood 5620 jeans with a limited-edition released each month.

The label promotes the inherent beauty of denim by creating washes and treatments that bring out its unique characteristics and qualities. G-Star Raw, unwashed denim through deep indigo dye identity the brand. The sustainability initiatives will remain a core focus to innovate the future of jeans.

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