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Lizza – Stands for healthy, Tasty and Convenient nutrition


LIZZA – Low carb food

Lizza is a company focused on low-carb products. Matthias and Marc, the founders, start their company in 2015, step by step and they are rocking it. It all started with a dinner with friends, low-carb pizza, and a food truck. You can read their nice story on their website!

Lizza is offering on their online shop everything Low carb enthusiasts could want: Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Wraps and much more. The Lizza assortment is mostly based on Seeds instead of grain and is hence gluten-free, rich in protein and super tasty („Lecker Liebling Award 2017“). The Lizza Pizza for example has 95% fewer carbs than a Pizza made from wheat dough.

The sales of Low carb Lizza pizzas went through the roof after they were featured in the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Only a few hours after the broadcast, the company had an online turnover of over 400,000 euros. (Source: stern.de)

Some facts about Lizza:

  • Low carb Market Leader in Germany & Austria
  • Fast-growing turnover and new revolutionary products
  • Own product development team in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Modern online shop and distribution in over 5.000 grocery stores in Germany & Austria

Final conclusions

In conclusion, Lizza was a great brand. I loved that they had many keto options. That amount of carbs is easily findable – and at a cheaper price, in the Lizza online shop mall.

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