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NAILS BY ANNABEL – Glitterbels Acrylic System


Annabel Maginnis started her nail career in 2015, after studying fashion and makeup in London. She has always had a creative flair and so her style of nails quickly became popular and earned her a cult following on social media. She opened up her first salon a few years ago in Newcastle along side being a ambassador.

By this time she had a huge online presence in the nail world and had been featured in Scratch and other industry-leading nail magazines, multiple times. Annabel and her husband Elliott decided that they wanted to bring out their own brand. In 2017 Annabel and Elliott launched the first batch of Glitterbels Acrylic Powder.

Two years later they have released over 350+ Acrylic Powders along with salon essentials like Monomers, Files, Lamps, Brushes and have even branched out to Gel Polish & paints with a collection of over 250+ colours to choose from. They truly have wrapped their arms around everything to do with nails and nail art . They are now one of the top professional nail brands in the UK. They have distributors around the world, over 10,000 customers a month and an ever growing community of nail artists on their social media platforms.

The Nails by Annabel salon, aka, the Glitterbels HQ is world-famous and even has its own training academy. The training academy teaches aspiring nail techs how to apply acrylic powder and gel systems correctly, along with art, removal and filing to perfection.


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