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How to buy a suitable camera? Must not ignore these points


For students who like to take pictures, selfies, must be particularly concerned about the camera pixel, whether the photos taken look good, for professional photography enthusiasts, its performance, pixels, focus and some other issues are more demanding, which all boils down to a point is the parameters of the camera, so for high photo requirements, like to take pictures, want to buy a camera students how to choose a suitable camera for themselves?


If you open Jingdong or Taobao, search for cameras, the current mainstream camera pixels still remain between 20 million pixels to 30 million pixels, a small number of main high pixel and flagship level camera pixels will exceed 40 million. For home users or photography enthusiasts, mainstream cameras with 20 to 30 megapixels can fully meet the daily shooting requirements, after all, most of our daily photos are shared in online social networking platforms, so 20 megapixels is more than enough. Even for 4K video, 12 megapixels can meet the demand, so there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient pixels.


Focus is about the clarity of the photo and the subject you want to express. Most of the current micro-single camera focusing performance and ability are very good, because the structure of the transformation, focusing speed and accuracy, micro-single cameras compared to traditional digital SLR cameras in the focus ability to improve the larger. But this does not mean that the focus performance of digital SLR cameras is not excellent, but only relatively speaking.

Appearance value

From SLR to the current micro-single camera, black has always been the main color of the camera, one to make the camera looks low-profile, the second black makes the camera looks professional. Although the camera has been the main color of black, but the design and lines of the body can still make the camera “good-looking”.
When choosing a camera, in addition to the brand, the appearance of the camera is also one of the reasons whether you like to take it out, especially for many female users, “good-looking” is an important criterion for choosing a camera. With the popularity of micro-single cameras, some manufacturers have also launched the main retro styling of high value products the latter all-white color body, a change from the uniform black-based camera color scheme, the choice is also more.

Video capability

With the popularity of short video and Vlog, the camera’s video capability has become one of the key features of manufacturers. A camera with good video capabilities can also indicate that the camera’s performance in other areas is not bad. If you have video shooting needs when buying a camera, whether the camera supports 4K video, whether it supports upscale shooting, etc., these need to be based on your video shooting subject matter and needs.

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