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Love is a feeling, even if it is painful, you will feel happy


The reason for loving a person is no, because love so love; hurt a person more no reason, shed hurt before to hurt. A care for your love, the need is not a vow but a gaze; a lonely person, the need is not pity but companionship; a wounded heart, the need is not to make up but to understand.

Love is a feeling, even if the pain will feel happy; love is an experience, even if the heartbreak will feel sweet; love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful. Love you just a moment, forget you need a lifetime. Whether you remember me or not, in your heart, there will always be a drop of tears that I shed for love of you, always and forever there ……

The world, every day, there are flowers and leaves of the story in play, there are also many floating and sinking locks disturbed heart. I would like to sit alone in a corner, quietly watching the flowers wither and grow, and lightly watching the clouds roll in and out.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Love, what is needed most is comfort. If you feel free, comfortable, at ease, you love the right; if you feel constrained everywhere, controlled, no self, it is time to consider adjusting. Love, that is to rely on each other, mutual warmth, companionship and encouragement together towards that unknown future. The thing about love is that it is full of mystery, when to meet what kind of person, it is almost destiny. Love is not found, it must be met. The most important thing is that it is not love, love must be, wait and wait, then, she appeared, you identified, this is love.

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