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When staying in a hotel, 5 kinds of supplies best not to touch!


Go out to travel, or business, that is certainly less accommodation, accommodation must be clean and hygienic to rest assured, but you may not have thought, in the hotel to see some supplies, the surface is clean, in fact, will be very dirty, even star hotels are not necessarily guaranteed, so for the sake of health and safety, these 5 supplies are best not to touch.

Hot water kettle and glass

When living in a hotel, people’s first feeling may be that the bathtub is the dirtiest, will not choose to use the bathtub, in fact, the dirtiest is the kettle, on the surface of the kettle are boiling water with, filled with water which will be dirty, but afraid of your last roommate quality is not high, do not know what to do with the kettle, there are always reports recently, some tenants even use it to cook underwear, think how terrible, and the hotel will not seriously clean the kettle It is not known whether the kettle is properly disinfected. The same goes for glasses, which are also unlikely to be sterilized at high temperatures, so it’s better to be careful and try not to use the kettles and glasses provided by the hotels.

TV remote control and bedside lamp opening

TV remote control is estimated to be the dead end of cleaning, few cleaning will be to clean the remote control, and it is the most frequently touched objects, so after using the remote control must be timely hand washing. Bedside lamp switch the same, and press the switch before going to bed, you are too lazy to wash your hands, so before using, first with wet wipes or antibacterial spray spray.


If the hotel is not put in disposable slippers, then it is best not to use, because foot odor will be contagious, in case the front of the use of people with foot odor, you innocently lying, it is really not worth it. So be sure to use disposable slippers, will also be clean and hygienic.

Towels, bath towels and other toiletries

Do not use the hotel towels and bath towels, I think this reason we all know, because these things are in direct contact with human skin, disinfection and hygiene you can not be informed, so it is best to bring your own insurance.

Toilet seat

Public toilet seat can not guarantee thorough disinfection, the above will be residual bacteria, so the toilet seat is best padded with toilet paper in use, or with a disposable toilet seat set before use, to avoid infection germs.

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