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AM5 platform supports 170W TDP processors and slot power up to 230W


AMD made an error in the information about the Riptide 7000 processor and AM5 motherboard at the Computex Taipei conference, where AMD stated that the AM5 slot would have 170W PPT (PackagePowerTracking) power consumption.

AMD has now clarified that the numbers originally shared were incorrect and that the AM5 slot will actually have 230W PPT and 170W TDP. AMD says that in the Zen series, PPT is typically 1.35 times the TDP.
AMD also says that the 170W TDP will provide more performance for high core count CPUs in heavy compute loads. Currently, AMD desktop processors are available in 65W and 105W TDPs, while 170W will be the latest standard for the AM5 platform.

The current information from AMD’s official website states that

The new AMD Socket AM5 platform offers advanced connectivity for the most demanding enthusiasts. The new socket features a 1718-pin LGA design that supports processors with up to 170W TDP, dual-channel DDR5 memory and a new SVI3 power infrastructure that enables AMD’s Riptide 7000 series processors to achieve leading-edge all-core performance.

AMD’s 16-core Riptide 7000 processor, demonstrated at Computex Taipei, achieves all-core 5GHz+ when running games, fluctuating between all-core 5.2 and 5.5 GHz, and is unoverclocked. Sources say that the high frequency of AMD’s Raidon 7000 will be a major selling point, with all 6 cores to 16 cores of the X-Series Raidon 7000 processors expected to achieve 5GHz, which may require 170W TDP as support.

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