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IPhone 14 re-exposed: front lens support autofocus, cost three times as much as before


While there’s still a good amount of time before Apple’s fall launch event, the product news is getting more and more detailed.
While the previous news centered around the design of the new iPhone 14 series, the latest now mentions the camera component upgrades that Apple may bring to it.

The latest revelation is that the iPhone 14 will come with a more expensive “high-end” front-facing camera with autofocus capability. The new front-facing camera is said to cost almost three times as much as the previous iPhone models.
However, there have been similar revelations about Apple upgrading the front-facing lens for the iPhone in the past.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has mentioned in previous news that the iPhone 14’s front-facing camera will support autofocus for the first time. And all four iPhone 14 models, including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, will feature an upgraded front-facing camera with autofocus and a larger ƒ/1.9 aperture.
In contrast, all existing iPhone 13 models support only a fixed focal length for the front camera. The larger aperture of the upgraded iPhone 14 series will allow more light to pass through the lens and reach the front camera sensor, resulting in improved image quality.

Based on this, the iPhone 14 series with the front camera upgrade will be able to provide better depth of field for portrait mode photos and videos, while autofocus will improve focus performance during video calls.
However, no exact official response has emerged yet about this part of the upgrade, and the actual situation is yet to be confirmed.
In addition to the image part of the upgrade, there is also news that Apple plans to switch to a USB-C interface for the iPhone and its accessories in the coming years. This is also a topic that has been frequently discussed in recent years.

However, related revelations show that Apple will only be able to switch from the Lightning interface to the USB-C interface for the iPhone in 2023 at the earliest.
In this case, Apple’s other accessories should also switch interfaces during this period, even later than 2023.
Based on this, the latest leak mentions that the second-generation AirPods Pro will be launched later this year and that the charging case for these AirPods Pro will continue to be equipped with the Lightning connector.

As for the rest of the specifications, the second generation AirPods Pro is expected to feature a new design that will eliminate the short bar underneath the headphones. It is also expected to come with an improved charging case, improved audio quality, and new health tracking features.

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