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OLED display and add another tough guy? MSI officially announced: join the QD-OLED camp


At present, to say that the best picture quality display panel technology, is certainly from Samsung’s QD-OLED panel. Compared to LG’s WOLED panel, QD-OLED panel has higher brightness, wider color gamut and longer life. However, because Samsung’s production capacity is not up yet, so the support of manufacturers is not really much. In the TV products part, only Samsung and Sony launched QD-OLED products; and in the display field, only Samsung and Dell aliens use a 34-inch QD-OLED panel to do the high-end display with fish screen.

However, at Computex Taipei, MSI has officially announced that it has joined the QD-OLED camp and has exhibited its own OLED monitor built with QD-OLED panels at the show. MSI this monitor model MEG 34C, the basic form and Samsung and alien QD-OLED monitor, resolution of 3440 × 1440, refresh rate of 175Hz, and has a curvature of 1800R, DCI-P3 color gamut of 99.3%, all aspects of indicators or good.

In addition QD-OLED advantages will be reflected in MSI this monitor, such as more than a million contrast ratio, superb black level performance, etc., the screen response time is only 0.1ms, it is estimated that the BT2020 color gamut can also do more than 80%, which is much stronger than the current monitor made of LG’s WOLED panel. Brightness is certainly also through the VESA HDR1000 certification, now is not sure how well the VRR aspects do, after all, Samsung and Dell Aliens are through the VRR-related certification.

However, MSI is not saying anything about the VRR certification of this monitor now, so I guess VESA’s new anti-tear certification should be added, and AMD and NVIDIA’s SYNC technology should also be compatible. According to MSI: The monitor’s fast 0.1ms response time and 175Hz fast refresh rate will ensure that gamers can win by getting a head start on the game, “MSI says the monitor’s native calibration settings provide gamers with the most accurate colors and meet industry standards. So it looks like MSI shouldn’t have a problem with the VRR standard with this product.

However, in terms of appearance, this MSI seems to be not as cool as Samsung and Alien. Compared to other similar products with a white appearance, this MSI monitor has a black and gold appearance, with less gaming and sci-fi elements, but a little more earthy taste. But RGB light pollution will not be missing, MSI has made it clear that this monitor will have RGB light bead design behind it, but all placed behind it is for who to see? This part of Asus or better understand the mindset of the players some.

At present, both Alien and Samsung monitors are relatively expensive, such as Alien’s QD-OLED monitor, currently priced at 12,999 yuan, which is indeed not cheap. MSI’s QD-OLED monitor, will not be as expensive as the alien, but the domestic close to 10,000 yuan should be no doubt, like MSI’s current 4K/144Hz, and through the HDR600 certification of the monitor, to sell to 6999 yuan, so the use of QD-OLED panel monitor plus a few thousand is not a surprise.

But now OLED monitor competition is more intense, 27 inches and 32 inches each launched a 60Hz JOLED panel, the price is high and low, in addition to the use of LG’s WOLED panel manufacturers are also a lot of Asus, KTC, Acer, Gigabyte, etc. have launched a 48-inch and 42-inch OLED monitor when the domestic market, when the MSI listing, we also You can consider which one of the products to buy.

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